Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy

Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy

Veterinarians want the very best care for their patients, and sometimes that means compounded medication is needed to address an animal’s specific circumstances. Since 2002, PetScript’s mission has been to provide compounded pet medications with care and precision to veterinarians at a reasonable cost.

With our expert pharmacists and a diligent customer care team, we work with you to ensure that the medications dispensed are prepared to meet the specific needs of your patients so that you may provide them with the very best care.

Our Veterinary Services and Medications

By keeping our vet compounding pharmacy inventory well-stocked, we have your medication needs covered from A to Z. We are your go-to animal compounding pharmacy for made-to-order medications.

With our excellent customer service and prompt response time, veterinary customers across America are assured that they are getting the exact medication for the health of their dear patients. To see a full list of compounded medications we offer, view the PetScript Medications chart.

Common Compounding Veterinary Medications

Our animal compounding pharmacy offers a range of products and services that covers the treatment needs for companion animals, equines, and exotics alike. In our catalog, you will find both sterile as well as non-sterile preparations. 

To give your animals exactly what they need, we offer these accommodations:

  • Flavorings to suit the tastes of animals.
  • Customized dosage forms - the size and strength of an animal’s needs.
  • Commercially unavailable medications
  • Customized delivery systems
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Common Compounding Veterinary Medications

To meet the needs of every animal’s circumstances, our veterinary compounding pharmacy offers medications in a variety of administering methods. This includes tablets, oral liquids, capsules, transdermal gels, ophthalmics, otics, oral powders & pastes, and injections. If the particular kind of medication you are looking for isn’t found, just ask! In most cases, our veterinary compounding pharmacy team can effortlessly fulfill special needs with a customized solution. 

Humans don’t like the taste of medicine, and neither do some animals. When a veterinary compounding pharmacy adds yummy flavorings to medication, this makes it easier for animal owners. This helps to decrease instances of medication going to waste because it was rejected by an animal. 

To make sure animals get all the doses they need, we offer a variety of flavors that make taking medication a pleasant experience for humans and pets alike.

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Veterinary Medications for Horses and Equines

To provide superior therapies for creatures big and small, we proudly specialize in equine medication. Our veterinary compounding pharmacy offers customized horse medications and preparation options for various breeds from a recreational riding horse to racehorses. Medicinal solutions help you improve compliance and achieve the very best therapeutic outcomes.

Veterinary Medications for Pets and Small Animals

Pets and companion animals are near and dear to our hearts. Pet parents want their beloved animals to live as long a life as possible, and their animals deserve the best pet medication available.

Our veterinary compounding pharmacy for pets supports care by formulating special products and pet medications that precisely meet the unique requirements of small animals.

Pet Script

Why Choose PetScript?

PetScript is proud to be a member of the International Association of Compounding Pharmacists. Our veterinary compounding pharmacy sees to it that all of our compounded medications receive the proper testing and adhere to the high-quality standards you depend on.

A veterinary compounding pharmacy should be fully equipped to fill special orders for customized dosing. Our staff is prepared to work with you to find the exact medication you need to treat your patients, even those hard-to-find drugs.

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